FOSDEM: Thank you for attending our presentation!

On January 30, Brussels, we had a very good time at FOSDEM 2016!

Thank you all for attending our presentation and discussing with us!


At the presentation, we showed some issues we found or reproduced: ZOOKEEPER-{2080,2212}, YARN-{1978,4168,4543,4548,4556}, and etcd {#4006, #4039}.

Recently, the number of these reproducible issues increased significantly due to the new feature we started to work on: the thread scheduling fuzzer.

This feature fuzzes the thread scheduling for a specific process tree by using Linux (>= 3.14) SCHED_DEADLINE scheduler and calling sched_setattr(2) with randomized parameters.

The feature is planned to be included in the next release of Earthquake (v0.2.0). However, the early preview release is already available here.

Quick start slides are also available: