Release Namazu v0.2.1, with Namazu Swarm v0.0.1!

We are glad to annouce the release of Namazu v0.2.1.


Namazu v0.2.1 is a maintanance release of Namazu v0.2.0

You can download the Namazu v0.2.1 binary release from github.

Or you can also build Namazu manually:

$ sudo apt-get install libzmq3-dev libnetfilter-queue-dev
$ go get

Changes from v0.2.0

  • #167, #168, #169, #170: doc: miscellaneous improvements
  • #166: vendor go packages
  • #163: *: bump up Go to 1.7
  • #162: container: add support for inspectors/fs
  • #160: inspectors/fs: implement Fsync
  • #158, #159: inspectors/fs: improved CLI (thank you @v01dstar !)
  • #156: inspectors/proc: improved error handling
  • #154, #155: inspectors/proc: improved CLI

Namazu Swarm v0.0.1

We also released the first version of Namazu Swarm, CI Job Parallelizer built on Docker and Kubernetes Namazu Swarm is developed as a part of Namazu, but it does not depends on Namazu (although you can combine them together).

Namazu Swarm

Namazu Swarm is hosted at osrg/namazu-swarm.